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EMA - Purposes

EMA - Purposes - EMA - Eco Mobility Association

The association aims to:

- Promote and disseminate electrical mobility and alternative forms of supply;
- Promote and disseminate the knowledge and marketing of means of transport for eco-sustainable mobility;
- Sharing a brief, medium and long-term vision of electrical mobility and how essential it is for a sustainable development of mobility and for all uses of personal, collective transport and goods;
- propose the realization of structures, infrastructures, measures and policies that facilitate and encourage the diffusion and use of means of transport for eco-sustainable mobility;
- elaborate, independently or on behalf of public bodies and private bodies, studies and research, feasibility plans, projects for the development of sustainable eco-mobility or other actions and measures useful in achieving the purposes set out in the preceding paragraphs;
- develop consultancy services for the improvement of electrical mobility systems and alternative forms of supply, with particular attention to the needs of public bodies, private companies and citizens;
- organize conferences, exhibitions, courses, training and updating activities for the development of sustainable eco-mobility;
- organize and participate in information, training and promotion campaigns, including through the organization and participation in events and fairs, relating to energy and environmental issues related to sustainable eco-mobility, with initiatives of a general nature and targeting defined goals (schools Entrepreneurs, public operators, etc.);
- carry out any other activity aimed at achieving the aims of the association.

EMA - Constitutive Act

EMA - Statute

Statuto EMA Statuto EMA [117 Kb]