EMA - Eco Mobility Association Moving together in the future
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EMA - Eco Mobility Association

EMA - Eco Mobility Association - EMA - Eco Mobility Association

EMA was born in 2017 with the intent to unite and network all actors to date, and in the future, involved in more sustainable mobility, whether it is terrstrial or maritime.

In particular, the aims of the Association are to stimulate and promote the development of forms of transport in the electric field, which today seems more than ever the only path for a more sustainable future.

The vision of the short and long term future must be guided and co-audited in the common interest, without neglecting the commercial and technological aspects that an Association, such as EMA, intends to make common and interconnected among the various actors involved, whether they are producers, users or institutions.

Creating a culture of sustainable mobility is fundamental to the success of any project, to make a group and have common aims must now become a necessity if you want to get concrete results in a short time.

The future is today.

 - EMA - Eco Mobility Association

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